Detailed Directions

Print out! Please use our driving directions. The online GPS maps are not as accurate to our property as our detailed instructions.

We suggest that you read the directions in advance, paying special attention to the last portion of the journey. Please read that page in order to familiarize yourself with the visual cues before you even start to drive. Pull these directions up on your mobile device before leaving Kahului so you have these directions prepared. Thank you for preparing yourself to arrive safely.

Driving time from the airport can run from 35-45 minutes, depending on how many stops you make along the way.

From the airport, follow signs directing you towards Paia or Hana. They will take you onto Hwy 36 (Hana Highway) heading left/east (towards Hana/Haiku). Proceed through the town of Paia, or you can stop here if you want to grab a bite to eat, take a dip in the ocean, or do some grocery shopping at the local, organic market called Mana Foods.

There will be green highway markers along the side of the road (which start with “0″ in Kahului). When you reach mile marker “16″ (Hwy 365 junction), the mile markers begin again with “0”. Continue on Hana Highway past the “3″ mile marker. Half a mile past the “3″ mile marker you will see a 3.5 mile marker. Immediately after this, on the left you will see a road with a little green bus stop bench and a double row of mailboxes. If you arrive after dark, you will see a street lamp above the road entrance. This is Door of Faith Road. Turn left onto Door of Faith Road, continuing between the bus bench and the mailboxes. Our place is only 1 mile away.

Stay on the paved road as you pass a sign called “Door of Faith Church” – keep driving. Shortly after that, the road turns right until you see the paved road turn sharply to the left (at about 1/2 mile). The paved road turns left here, but you will continue to go STRAIGHT ahead onto the dirt road.


Soon after taking this turn, you will come across a fork with it leading to a gated house and a down-hill dirt road, keep going down-hill.

Shortly after you have entered the dirt road it veers slightly to the right going down hill to a small concrete bridge. Right after a small concrete bridge with no railings, you will see an entrance with a bamboo gate on the left. There we have placed an arrow looking sign “Bamboo Farm” pointing up the hill.

When you drive up the hill that turns to the left, you will come to a fork with another arrow looking sign “Maui Retreat & Bamboo Farm” pointing left further up the hill. Make sure to follow the road to the left only. Do not go straight up this driveway, this is a private driveway only on the right and leads to a private residence.

Follow the road to the left until you see a sign on your left that says, “Kahua O’Malio Bamboo Farm – By Appointment Only”. On the right you will see a bamboo gazebo with a white statue of Saraswati, the Goddess of music. Take the driveway on the right immediately after the Kahua O’Malio sign infront of Saraswati, into the parking area with the “Parking – 610” sign.

You will see a walkway toward a large yellow house with a white sitting Buddha in front. This is our main house, the Opua House. If you are not greeted immediately, honk your horn or come to the main house door and you will be welcomed. You may also call the number listed on the front glass of the house using the house phone on the wall directly in front of you when you walk in the front door. Keep the confirmation letter handy with all our phone numbers too.


And remember these visual markers: Red Arrow Signs, Gazebo, Goddess, and Parking 610. These are the indicators you are at our place. If you do not see these things, you probably went up to our neighbor’s driveway.

If you need to reach us at other times, please call (808) 572-6006 first during office hours and if no answer call (808) 280-6601 or (808) 280-4524 after office hours.

Google maps – click here.

Our directions are very precise and you should be able to follow them with ease. Just go slowly, and once you arrive on the top to the road, read the directions carefully and you will be fine. We will be waiting for you. Make sure you let us know when you are arriving. Check in after 6pm needed to be confirmed beforehand.

Please honor our 5 mph speed limit when you enter the dirt road: children, birds and other animals could be “playing ” on the road. Also once you enter our land we ask humbly to be very careful as we have two small Tibetan Spaniels that roam around, and of course the first thing they like to do is to greet you. So be aware when driving, especially when pulling in and out from parking lot. Thank you and have a safe journey!