Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Car should I rent?

We recommend the earth-friendly Bio Beetle, powered by Biodiesel. Or, please contact our friend and neighbor Nicolas Kern at for additional options. Especially during the high season (December through March) we highly recommend booking your car rental early!  Many companies run out of cars during this time of year.

Car size: the last 0.5 miles, (0.8 km), are on an unpaved road. The majority of our guests rent compact cars. However, if you are not familiar with back country roads you may be more comfortable renting a Jeep. Regardless of car size, everyone has always arrived safely to our land.

Does “living off the grid” include all the amenities I’m used to?

Yes! Living off the grid is absolutely wonderful! There are no electromagnetic fields or lines around you, yet we have plenty of electricity to serve all your needs. This includes wireless internet in some areas and a fully equipped kitchen with amenities like a blender, coffee maker, toaster, etc. in the main house and the cottages. Although we are off the grid, our place is very elegant and nurturing. If you have never before experienced being off the grid, then you are in for a real treat! We create our own electricity directly from the sun via solar panels, we pump our own water from a well, and we live sustainable and self-sufficiently from the land through organic farming. Welcome to the new Eco-Conscious way of living and traveling elegantly green!

When staying in Opua House, what areas are communal?

The lovely Opua House has a shared and elegant kitchen for all the guests in the house. The bathroom facilities are shared with the rooms which have no separate bathrooms. We also have a lovely Hawaiian out door showers which is a favorite of many of our guests.  While your room is still your private temple, the large and well kept kitchen (with two sinks and ample storage space in both fridge and cupboards) is communal, and a great gathering place to connect with our many interesting guests. We also have outdoor seating areas in our Five Elements Garden and in the front of Opua House.

Are there laundry facilities on site?

We are unable to provide personal laundry service to our guests, as our energy consumption requires delicate balancing with Mother Nature. However, there are laundromats close by in Haiku town and some very lovely restaurants like the Kombucha bar, Veggie Out and the famous Nuku Japanese restaurant. You can wait there while you are ding your laundry..

Are there any office services available?

Our office is open from 10am to 2pm, Monday through Friday. We do not offer office services, but you can easily find several options in town, such as OfficeMax and FedexOffice for all your office needs.

Is there an additional clean-up fee?
In order to maintain harmony and balance with our solar energy supply, we require a one-time cleaning fee as mentioned in our advertising. Thank you so much for understanding the special conditions of our Eco-conscious home!
Fees change depending on the season.
Normal Season: Cleaning fee is $45 for the rooms and $85 for the cottages for stays of one week or longer. If you stay less than one week and more than 3 days, the charge is $65 for our rooms or $125 for our cottages. For 3 nights or less, our rooms require a $75 charge or $145 to stay in our cottages less than 5 nights.
High Season: Cleaning fee is $45 for the rooms and $95 for the cottages for stays of one week or longer. If you stay less than one week and more than 3 days, the charge is $75 for our rooms or $145 for our cottages. For 3 nights or less, our rooms require a $95 charge per room or $195 to stay in our cottages.
Cleaning Materials
We believe we can make a powerful and positive difference in our homes and our environment by reducing the use of chemicals in our cleaners such as ammonia, which has been linked to several health issues including eye, skin and throat irritation and even kidney and liver damage.
Here at Maui Eco Retreat we use environmentally free products, such as microfiber towels and biodegradable laundry detergent along with many other products. We do live in the jungle on the North Shore, where there is more rain than the South side- so to prevent mold we use, when needed, our ozonators, essential oils  and humidifiers. We take great pride to regularly deep clean our places with natural products.
Do you have any specials?

We offer a 10% discount if booked for week. However, this is not applicable during the high season from Dec. 15th to end of March. At certain times we do have last-minute specials if space is available. This only applies by less than three days in advance of your stay.

How do I book?

If you would like to book with us you can send a request from the website and we will get back to you as fast as possible. We will check availability and will confirm if we have space for you. Reservations are taken on a first-come-first-serve basis. Booking is confirmed by a 50% credit card deposit. In addition to our room rates, all prices are subject to the Hawaiian Transient State Tax of 13.42%. Payment plus the one time cleaning fee. The remaining balance must be received within 30 days prior to your arrival or otherwise discussed.

Is there an online calendar I can check availability?

No, we have no online calendar. Even you see sometimes on other advertisement a calendar, which is part of the advertisers offerings, we are not participating in this part as we are not able to update and keep those on-line calendars accurate. You have to contact our office either by email or phone to check if we have available rooms.

Are weekly rates available all year round?

During high season, from December 15th- March 31st, we have no weekly rates. From December 20th to January 10th we only take a week long bookings. In addition, our cleaning and late night arrival fees are different during the high season. Check out our discount when booking for one week. Only available with direct booking from our website.

Can I cancel?

If you choose to cancel your reservation, you will be responsible for the full amount of your booking, there are no refunds for canceled reservations unless the space can be subsequently re-booked at the same rate. We are happy to assist you with rescheduling your reservation. So if you do decide to cancel, please make sure you inform us as soon as possible, so we can have plenty of time to try and re-book. There is a non-refundable re-booking fee of $100.00.

Guest Services: (808) – 280 – 4524? and (808)280 6601 for Late Arrivals

We have an office manager, available during business hours. Your hosts live on-site, as well as our excellent team. We are happy to answer any questions you might have during your stay. Upon arrival we give to each new guest a map and an overview of the many magical places on our land. Our hiking trail’s are only available upon signing our Liability Waiver. We also share how to support our ecological way of living and being part of this great experience.

Late Arrival Fee

There is an additional $45 charge for late arrivals between 7pm-10pm and $65 from 11.30pm. , After that no check ins.  We are a small family owned business and have to hire an after hour guest-services person to welcome late night arrivals and show you to your room or cottage. Again, thank you for understanding our situation. We also suggest that you can book at the Maui Beach Hotel or Nalu Kai Lodge, for very late arrivals and come out the next day to our place with relaxed leisure.

Are there phones at the retreat available for use?

The Opua House has a phone in the dining area that guests may use for local calls. Cell phone reception on the land normally works, depending on your carrier and location. Wi-Fi is included in your cost of stay, and is available in the Opua House (the Thai Hale and Bamboo Temple are purposefully designated Wireless Free Zones). Using the Skype program is a wonderful way to get in touch with family and friends, and if both parties have a webcam, it even includes video!

Am I able to receive mail and/or packages at the retreat?

Yes, you can send it to Maui Eco Retreat, 610 Huelo Rd, Haiku, HI 96708. However, we can only receive FedEx and UPS.  Keep in mind that all mail to Maui takes longer than expected, despite what mainland delivery services believe. Please take this into account and let our office know as soon as possible what you are expecting and when, so that we may keep our eyes open for your delivery and pick it up for you if delivered off site.

Where can I get more information about what to do on Maui?

Our links page provides information on retreats, car rentals, yoga, and much more. You can also easily access and choose from the hundreds of wonderful adventures Maui has to offer, such as dolphin and whale watching, Hawaiian Luaus, bicycle rides down the famous Haleakala volcano, surfing, kite boarding and all water sports, snorkeling, cultural and musical events, breathtaking hikes to beautiful forests and waterfalls, and so much more!

What is in the Guest Book?

Our beautifully designed guest book awaits you in your room. This book includes information on activities to do locally as well as here at our retreat. These activities include Yoga Classes, Qi Gong Classes, Massage therapy, Spiritual Teachings, Coaching, Tell us what your needs are and we will do our best to accommodate you so this vacation truly becomes a transformation. We also kindly ask that you help us out by writing your great review on the web, as most people don’t take the time to read our wonderful comments that over the years guests have written on our room’s guestbooks. We appreciate it!

Am I allowed to bring my dog?

It depends. Please do call first so we can advise you on Hawaii regulations, but preferably we would not recommend it due to the hassles of traveling with animals, and we also have two dogs on the land.

Am I allowed to bring my children?

The allowance of children is decided on a case-by-case basis (based on age, space, and location of your vacation rental). We normally suggest families with small children to seek accommodations on the South Shore closer to the white sand beaches. We are on a cliff and small children  would not be able to go the the waterfall and the ocean as it is to dangerous. Older children past 10 years are fine.

Are you wheel chair accessible?

No, we apologize, our trails are all natural and our doors are too small for a wheel chair.

Is there free parking?

Yes, our guests park for free.

Bedding and Linens

We provide both cotton and microfiber sheets for our guests. 80% of our linens are cotton, however microfiber is a truly green material, made primarily from petroleum waste products that would otherwise sit in landfills. Even more materials are being used to make them nowadays, including one of our favorites – bamboo. Their production does not use water resources the same way that cotton does, and the thickness of their thread count makes them feel just as or even more luxurious than cotton sheets. They are good for people with allergies as they deter dust and pollen, and are so lightweight that they can be washed and dried more efficiently and with the use of fewer resources. The Maui Eco Retreat is proud to use microfiber sheets, which have the distinction of being both comfortable and good for the environment. It also is drying about 50% faster then other sheets and that is certainly helpful running our ecological sustainable place.
Of course, if you have any special requests, please do let us know before your arrival and we will meet whatever needs you have.

How often will my towels and bedding be changed during my stay?

As we are conscious of our water and electric resources, we will change towels and bedding mid-week for guests who stay for a week. For guests who stay longer than a week, we will change towels and bedding at the beginning of the second week of their stay. If a guest has a special need, we are always open to finding a solution that meets both parties’ needs. We only provide towels for in-house use for shower and personal care. See below for beach towel.

Can I rent beach towels?

Yes we have beach towels for rent, 2 for $5, 1 for $3.Our laundry facility is not able to handle sand and the volume. If you take our in-house towel to the beach we will have to charge you a $15 surcharge per towel for additional cost.

Do you provide any shampoos or soaps?

Due to the many and varied needs and sensitivities of our guests we do not provide cosmetic soaps or shampoos. We do, however, provide hand soap and dish soaps in all our facilities as well as hair dryers. We do not provide house shoes, slippers, but you are most welcome to bring your own.

I hear there are geckos in Hawaii?

Geckos – These cute little guardians are fun to watch, especially at night when they stalk the bugs outside your window. They help to take care of the insects, so please leave them to do their job. You’ll often hear them making a noise that sounds like laughing: this is the gecko chuckle.

Shopping Service

We offer a shopping service for very late arrivals. Please contact us in advance with a detailed shopping list and we will have your groceries waiting for you when you arrive. The cost for this service is $30 + 10% of the cost of goods.

Is there Wi-Fi and phones available for use?

The Opua House has a land-line in the dining area with long distance that guests may use. Cell phone reception on the land normally works, depending on your carrier and location. Wi-Fi is included in your cost of stay, and available in the Opua House. The rest of our land is purposely designated wireless free zone. Using the Skype program is a wonderful way to get in touch with family and friends, and if both parties have a webcam, it even includes video!

Where can I get more information about what to do on Maui?

Our links page provides information, however we provide a guest booklet in your room that lists many local activities for you to explore. However, we suggest before you embark on your journey to google the many activists you could do.

Is there a Guest Book to sign?

Yes, we would deeply appreciate if you share any of the blessings you received on our land. If there is anything we can improve, share your feedback with your hosts Kutira and Raphael.

Can I purchase any organic food from the land?
Yes we provide produce when available for our guests to enjoy if we have surplus. 
Coconuts: 1 for $5, 2 for $8, 3 for $10
Coconuts need to be pre-ordered a day ahead.  We have special tools for climbing our trees and only professional coconot climbers can do that for us.
Organic Eggs: 1 for $1 or 6 for $5
Get these eggs from the famous  “Eleven Chicken” coop. You will taste the difference. Also only available when in surplus. Request when booking and we will confirm so you don’t have to buy them in town.
We provide the best drinking water from our well. No need to buy.
What can I eat fresh from the land?

All our fruits are seasonal, however some of it we can harvest year round. When you hike over the land you will come across the lilikoi, also know as passion fruits, the strawberry guavas and of course bananas and other exotic fruits.

The fruits that are on the ground are for you to take. We normally collect our fruits and share them in a big bowl in the kitchen. Thank you for not harvesting yourself, as you would most likely end up with an unripe fruit.

What kind of spices are you providing?

We provide salt, pepper and some spices. Please bring your own coffee, tea, oil etc. Our kitchen is fully equipped.

Are there Yoga mats?

Yes, we do have some but you are welcome to bring your own. The class is normally from Monday to Friday at 8am to 9am

Could we hold a retreat or family gathering at your space?

Yes, we do have this possibility. We only host retreats with a max. of one week.  Families we only take without small children as stated further about. Smaller retreat we are happy to find out what your needs are. Feel welcome to call our contact us. We are normally full over the high season and more open for retreats from April to mid December. Also the cost is less and the Whales are still here in April.